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Class Offerings

Barista 1 – Our basic class covers the fundamentals of barista technique. We’ll show you how to dial in an espresso to get the perfect balance of flavors. Well teach you how to texture milk and pour beautiful designs in your lattes. Our educators will also instruct you on how to best care for your machine and use it properly. This class is recommended for beginner baristas. 

Barista 2 – Our advanced barista class focuses on extracting espresso to the perfect balance of textures and flavors. We’ll focus on the dose and extracted yield of some of the West Coast’s finest espresso blends. We’ll also instruct the student on pouring advanced designs and improving the texture of milk for intricate, layered designs that pop! This class is recommended for current baristas or home enthusiasts with a solid foundation in technique. 

Milk & Art 1 – Our basic Milk & Art class teaches the fundamentals of milk steaming. We’ll show you how to properly aerate milk to a texture that creates beautiful latte art. We’ll introduce you to the fundamental mechanics behind pouring hearts, leafs, and tulips. This class is recommended for first timers and is a great supplement to the Barista 1 course. 

Milk & Art 2 - Our advanced latte art class focuses on competition level pouring. We’ll show you how to get the perfect wrap on your tiered tulip design, pour multiple leafs, and increase the contrast of your pours. Our trainers have researched with some of the best competitors in the PNW and can help you pour the designs that have been puzzling you. This class is recommended for those with a solid foundation in latte art.

Brewing Matters – Brewing Matters dives into the world of brewing methods. We’ll get into all of the factors that make for a delicious cup of coffee including filtration, grind size, brew time, water quality and temperature. We’ll pair half-a-dozen or more methods with as many regional coffees roasted around the Pacific NW to help you understand the inherit flavor differences between each coffee and its origin. This class is recommended for anyone!